Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday

Thanks for checking out this weeks music monday. Hope you enjoyed the songs.
llove, keena :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Monday

I'm starting something new called music monday which means I post six songs that i've been loving every week. These songs can rang from pop, rock, r&b, indie, heavy metal, etc.

So here's my music monday for this week.

  • The Wind- Allen Stone If you haven't heard of Allen Stone then you are truly missing out. His voice is fucking amazing. Probaby the best voices i've heard in my life. This song is a soft ballad that really brings out his vocals. I get chills while listening to him. Great artist, great song.
  • My Own Personal Hell- Like Moths To Flames This is more for the heavy metal fans out there. This song is from LMTF's newest album An Eye For An Eye and it is probably my favorite from the album. I've been listening to it non stop.
  • Bed Peace - Jhené Aiko ft. Childish Gambino I am absolutely obsessed with Jhené Aiko. I think her music is chill and her voice is just beautiful. Her and Childish Gambino flow so well together and this song has the perfect lyrics with a chill sound.
  • Reflektor- Arcade Fire This is the new single from arcade fire from their new album and I really think this songs has a good groove to it. I love arcade fire's music and hoping to hear more from the album.
  • Beware- Big Sean ft. Jhené Aiko and Lil Wayne This songs has been stuck in my head for the past week. Great chorus especially with Jhené Aiko (my girl). Great lyrics. The only Big Sean song I actually like. lol
  • Quantum Flux- Northlane And last but not least, one of my favoriteeee aussie bands Northlane. I love Northlane. Their sound is very original and they have great lyrics especially in this song. It's all about freeing you mind and positive thoughts. Great message in a great song.
That's it guys, hope you enjoyed. Check back next week for another Music Monday and 6 more songs.

ll.ove, keena :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

big summer giveaway contest winner

Guess what guysssss.....I WON A CONTEST!!!
I recently entered a look for the black radiance big summer giveaway makeup contest and I won. I literally never won anything in my entire life. lol
But yeah you can check out my makeup look here (im the second one)
My prize was a lip beauty box filled with awesome lip products varying from lip stick, lip gloss, lip liners, etc...

I did not expect it to be this much but im totally happy with it. I usually dont wear alot of lip products so now i'm kinda forced to in a way. lol
But here are some looks using some of these lip products.

This look is a little bit dark. I used a dark burgundy color lip gloss and paired it up with a nice smokey eye. I actually love this color. Im all for dark red/purple lip.

I have not yet to try all of the lip products including the lipsticks and lip liners but when I do I will defiantly update you guys.

Alright thats about all. Big thanks to Black Radiance for hooking me up.

ll.ove, keena :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

fall favorites

So glad it's finally fall and this is a very exciting time in the makeup world (well if you like dark colors like myself)
This is the season of smokey eyes, dark lips, bronzers, and deep contours. So lovely. 
Here are some of my favorite products for fall.

I love BH Cosmetics and this pallete is great for fall. It gives you a dark sultry look with a touch of shimmer. Perfect for halloween and holiday parties.

I loooooove MAC lipsticks. They are so pigmented and lasts all day. This color is great for holiday parties and gives you a vampy look perfect for fall.

Contouring is soooo important for fall. It gives you a define profile in your face so you won't look dull and dry. Sleek Cosmetics is highly raved about and great especially for women of color.

This bronzer is great for fall. It gives you a matte finish and a perfect holiday look for fall. It fits with all skin tones.

Here are some more great looks I love for fall.

Thank you all for checking out my blog. More posts coming soon. Feel free to leave comments if you like.

ll.ove, keena :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

warped tour 2013

I know this is pretty late but I just wanted to share my first warped tour experience. I went to the Virginia Beach location on July 9, 2013 with my friends. We stay at this really cheap hotel but it was pretty nice.
Khalil and Minuet

We headed off to the beach and walked around the boardwalk as well.

Bathing Suit
Top: Forever 21
Bottom: American Apparel

Now the day is finally here. WARPED TOUR
We caught a cab to the venue an immediately got a list of what times our favorite bands are going to play. I instantly knew who I wanted to see. ATTILA AND LETLIVE!!!
The first band I saw when i got there was Like Moths To Flames. This was my second time seeing them live and they never disappoint.
Aaron Evans being a babe

Next up was Blessthefall. This was my second time seeing them as well and they always have great stage presence and lots of energy.

And one of my favvvvvorite bands Attila. Their set was so fucking crazy like I could barley move. That's how crazy it was. They rocked it. 

Fronz and his son Blaise

I also caught other bands like Chiodos, Upon A Burning Body, and The Amity Affliction.

And now for the main event
Words cannot express how much I love Letlive. Their performance was so amazing I could not believe what was happening. Jason Butler is a fucking manic on stage and a inspiration off stage. He was going fucking crazy on stage from climbing on shit, to running off stage and stealing the flag off the 7-Eleven truck, to even attempting to hang himself.
But one song especially made an impact on me. When they performed muther, you can see the emotion in Jason's face and in his words. I literally almost teared up.
After thier set Jason jumped off stage and hugged every fan (he hugged me twice) and stood there signing autographs and actually talking to his fans.

I couldn't get any photos or videos of Letlive or meeting Jason because my phone died right before thier set....ughhhh
But when he was signing this, I told him that I love him so fucking much and he was sooo fucking nice; we chatted the whole time.
When one fan asked for him to record a video for his friend, Jason asked for my name and featured me in the video. I was so in shock, like what band member takes the time out of signing autographs to ask for your name. That was truly unforgettable. I will forever admire Jason Aalon Butler as a artist and as a person. That is why I sign all my blog posts with ll.ove. 

Welp that was it. Overall I had an amazing time at warped tour and can't wait for the next one. 

ll.ove, keena :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

bh cosmetics

I've been in love with bh cosmetics for a while now. Not only for thier amazing prices and deals, but for thier great quality makeup. 

I recently ordered their new BH San Francisco eyeshadow/blush palette from the California collection .

This palette includes 16 eyeshadow colors and 4 blushes. FOR ONLY 7.95!!! WAHHHHH

This product is amazing. The colors are very pigmented and that is essential for women of color. I personally recommend bh cosmetics to everyone. 

Little eye makeup from the palette. lovely silver and dark blue tones. love it.

ll.ove, keena :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

hello world

I'm Keena. I basically made this blog to share my personal experiences and interests with the world. I've been meaning to make one of these for a while now but just recently i've gotten inspiration to follow through with it. I guess you can call me pretty open-minded. I have very diverse interests, like I can go from heavy metal to hip-hop. T-shirts and ripped jeans to dresses and makeup. I'm just open to everything. But some things that I love especially are my cat Timber...

ughh he's so cute! ^-^


 art (made by me)

and much more. 
I will also post a few things about makeup as well. Some of my favorite products and makeup of the day type shit.
Thank you for checking my new blog out and hopefully you will follow my journey into the blogger world. 

ll.ove, keena :)